Awaken your Purpose.

january 15 2019, 5:30pm

yaletown roundhouse, vancouver


Talent Lab: the (un) conference

Awakening Your PuRpose, Passion, Career.

We have curated a list of Global Activists, Change Makers and Transformational Leaders to present their ideas, awaken and inspire you.

Awaken Your Purpose

Joe Granato

VP people + technology at earls restaurant

Joe Granato

VP People and Technology at Earls Restaurant

Joe Granato is an experienced senior leader in multi-unit, multinational operations and management. His passion is to build strong teams with diverse talent to take on large-scale challenges that simplify and add visible value to the business. Currently, as VP of Talent and Technology at Earls Kitchen + Bar, he oversees training & leadership development, employee relations, internal communications and business intelligence and technology and corporate strategy.

Joe is father of two four-legged fur children, has many dad-jokes in his repertoire and enjoys hosting people for authentic connection over food and drinks. You will often find him on or near the water, raising money for non-profit organizations, or with his nose in books and magazines on leadership, business, and organizational behavior.

Words to live by: There are no shortcuts to any place worth going to.

Topic: What Does it Mean to be Empowered?

Jenna Hills

Executive Coach/ Director of People & Brand, Baptiste Institute

Jenna Hills

VP People and Technology at Earls Restaurant

“When Leaders perform at their truest and best, the stage is set for entire communities to flourish. Decisions made in a spirit of personal authenticity and generosity are powerful, undiluted by the distractions of ego, pessimism or anger.” Jenna Hills is an Executive Coach and Director of People and Brand at the Baptiste Institute. She is a founder of the Training and Culture department at lululemon and for over 15 years designed, developed and delivered practices and programs. Jenna brings an expertise in the theory and philosophical constructs of Vision and Goals and applies this through business inquiry and strength science workshops. As Training Manager, she coached senior leaders through the process of building strategic initiatives that enhanced the leadership capabilities of each member from their respective departments. Jenna’s dialectical practice engages global leaders in a way that activates their connection to their highest purpose, liberating them to be present and immersive in making world-class contributions.

Words to live by: No Time to F*%k Around.

Topic: Defining Power

Awaken Your Passion

Chrissy Abram

Innovation at lululemon & Founder of Mndsight

Chrissy Abram

Innovation at lululemon and Founder of MNDSight

Chrissy, the space creator and visionary. Her best life is connecting with others and supporting them on their unique journey of cultivating mindfulness in their day to day routines. Her heart beats a little bit faster when she hears about an experience that illuminates compassion and empathy. She is a stand for destigmatizing mental health and holding space for a new evolution of well being to exist. Chrissy's background in qualitative research supports her content development and the practice that she teaches.

You will find Chrissy leading mindfulness workshops for elite athletes, teaching yoga for athletes for UBC Varsity teams and lululemon head office employeees and working on lululemon athletica's innovation team. 

Words to live by: “It's not about the cards you're dealt, but how you play the hand.”

Topic: Meditation and Mindfulness, why it matters in the business of life.

Stephanie Jahala

Transformational Leadership Coach and Movement Maker at All The Mama Feels

Stephanie Jahala

Transformational Leadership Coach and Movement Maker at All the Mama Feels

Stephanie is a multidisciplinary force in the realm of business strategy, social impact and leadership. She propels purpose-driven companies with a bold vision to make a difference in the world. Upon becoming a mother, Steph used her leadership coaching skills to build a community of empowered mamas (‘All The Mama Feels’ on Instagram & Facebook) and is now transforming organizations to allow families of working parents to thrive, showing how diversity and inclusion can positively impact culture, profits and society. Her experience travelling to over 30+ countries has shaped her lifetime commitment to creating a sustainable and socially thriving planet.

Words to Live by: Do something worthy with your wild life.

Topic: Creating work worthy of your life, starts from within

awaken your career

David Ogle

coach + founder, dose performance coaching

David Ogle

Coach and Founder, Dose Performance Coaching

David Ogle is the Founder of Dose Performance Coaching. Dose was founded on the premise that we all have immense amounts of untapped genius in our mind, and the practice of coaching is an effective means to distill that genius into simple and doable actions. He brings a social neuroscience approach to coaching for business leaders and professional athletes. He coaches through examining the relationship between the processes of one’s mind, their actions, and their goals.

There are three components to his approach to performance: coaching, leadership, and neuroscience. By leveraging a deeper understanding of the brain and seeking a greater awareness around one’s role as a leader and their impact, the highest potential for performance is achievable. David is known for his ability to ask the challenging question, create the conditions for insight, and do so without feeling like the sky is falling. He is also the proud father of Zoe the cat who shares his passion for performance. 

Words to live by: The highest human potential is knowledge.

Topic: Elevate Your Mind – The Principles of Neuroscience and Leadership

Sabrina Meherally

workplace equity + inclusion consultant

Sabrina Meherally

Workplace Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers. Sabrina Meherally is a workplace equity and inclusion consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator based in Vancouver, Canada. As a woman of color and second generation immigrant, Sabrina is a passionate advocate for racial equity. With the firm belief that organizations have the potential to be powerful stewards of social change, Sabrina stands to help employers create a strong diversity strategy that considers the staff and customer experience. Her practice combines social justice with 10+ years of human resources experience, design thinking, and product development.

In addition to running her diversity and inclusion practice, she also works for Vancity Credit Union, where she has held roles as an HR Business Consultant and Product Owner. Outside of work, Sabrina is an active volunteer and a lover of new experiences, new books, new food, and new places. 

Words to live by: You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world, and you have to do it all the time.”

Topic: Radical Inclusion


Steve Rio

CEO & Founder, Briteweb / Founder, Nature of WorK

Steve Rio

CEO & Founder, Briteweb / Founder, Nature of Work

Steve is Founder and CEO of Briteweb, a social impact agency delivering strategy, branding and digital, and the Founder of Nature of Work, helping people be more productive, creative and happy in their work and their lives. He thrives at the intersection of social impact, culture and technology and is an expert in exponential organizations, remote and distributed teams and workforce wellness and performance. Steve works with impact leaders to reimagine their organizational strategies, systems, and company cultures in order to build engaged, healthy teams and effectively scale at the rate of technology to compete in today’s information economy.

Words to live by: Remain open and the universe will too.

Topic: Finding Purpose, Performance and Wellness at Work


Panel discussion

Topic: Money, Mental Health, and Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Andrea Rathborne

Director Photograph & Video at Article Furniture

Andrea Rathborne

Director Photo and Video at Article Furniture

Andrea has spent more than 20 years learning. developing and leading in the art of storytelling through brand strategy, creative development, team building and mentoring. The ability to find insight through empathy, to foster deep understanding and to help people feel something is the skill that Andrea has. She has been called a "humanist idea creative collaborator" and is deeply committed to this connection to the world.

As the Director of Photo + Video at Article. Andrea is leading and growing an internal team of talented photographers, videographers, producers and stylists to create compelling and beautiful design to elevate both the Customer Experience and the Article Brand. With years working with Health and Wellness Brands (lululemon and Saje Natural Wellness) along with coaching training, leadership and development training and crisis management training Andrea finds strength and wellness through her own practice of yoga, meditation, nutrition and surrounding herself with her family, friends, nature and as much adventure as she can find.

Words to live by: Be kind, courageous and forever curious

Noorin Mizayabu

Talent Acquisition Leader, Hootsuite

Noorin Mizayabu

Talent Acquisition Leader, Hootsuite

Noorin Bhanji is currently a Leader on the Talent Acquisition team at Hootsuite. She has been with Hootsuite for over 2 years and has 10 years recruitment experience in a variety of industries. Her key to success is aligning the talent acquisition function to business needs, becoming a strategic partner, thus resulting in attracting and retaining top talent and building high performance teams.

Noorin has an undergraduate Degree in Commerce with a major in Human Resource Management, along with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. Through this combination of experience, education and a passion for people, Noorin has been able to foster strong relationships with her clients and candidates alike. Outside of Hootsuite, Noorin pursues her passion for lifelong learning, and mentoring up and coming professionals. She enjoys spending her free time with her 3 kids, 2 human and 1 dog baby.

Words to live by: Yes you need the chops, but you better believe it if you want to achieve it!

Bernadette Butler

CoFounder, Story Tap

Bernadette Butler

Cofounder, Story Tap

Bernadette Butler has 20 years experience in advertising working with some of the greatest brands of our time. With 2 ads on the world’s funniest reel, Bernadette is the CEO and co-founder of StoryTap, a video review platform for marketers to direct, own, and micro-influence authentic video stories from anyone, anywhere in real time.

Words to live by: Your story is important

Anita Cheung

Founder of WOC

Anita Cheung

Founder of WOC

Anita is a creative who moonlights as a yoga therapist and a meditation teacher. She is passionate about mental health and elevating others. After struggling with depression and suicidal ideation in post-secondary, she discovered meditation as a tool to help manage her mood. As a result, making meditation cool, accessible, and a thing that people actually do became a strong purpose and driving force in her life. Two years ago, she co-founded Canada's first modern meditation studio- MOMENT.

These days, she spends most of her time working on In Bed With Betty. Betty is a private, subscription-based Instagram community that offers Real Live Beditations for Real Lazy People. With a goal to help you create a new self care habit, subscribers can tune in every weekday morning for 10 minute live guided meditations on the hour. Your views are noted with a point and over time, you can collect points to redeem Real Life Things. Betty invites you to skip the snooze for a fun way to wake up better.

Words to live by: It's either a good time or a good story


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Money, Mental Health, and Closing the Gender Pay Gap

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Past Speakers

Joseph Marrello
Sr Director, Global Talent
Electronic Arts

Angela Bortolussi
Partner + Technology Recruiter
Recruiting Social

Joseph Granato
VP, Talent & Technology
Earls Restaurants

Sarah Rejbakoz
Sr People Acquisition Specialist
Saje Wellness

Padraic Ryan
Talent Resource Recruiter

Jerry Gratton
VP People & Culture
O2E Brands

Cassie Loewen

Christian De Pape
Head of Marketing
Recruiting Social

Sarah Europe-Finner
Global Talent Aquisition
Electronic Arts

Brian Thompson
Talent Manager
lululemon athletica

Tony Kirschner
DavisPark Executive Search

Steph Corker
The Corker Co

Tayissa Tykajlo
Kit and Ace

Johanna Hudson
Talent Acquisition Manager

Derek Isley
Manager Talent Acquisition

Laura Appleton
Manager Recruitment

Megan Morrow
Senior Recruiter
Slack Technologies

Zuleika Sgro
Director of People
Saje Wellness

Joel Brideau
Outdoor Lifestyle Recruiter
Tundra Technical Solutions

Jillian Walker
Director of Talent
Relic Games


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