Women on the Rise: Record Number of Female Chiefs Leading Manitoba First Nations.



10 of 63 chiefs in the province (Manitoba) are female: 'The people are recognizing that there needs to be a balance of women'

Sharing this article today isn't about a men vs women cry or pitting the sexes against each other, instead I share it from a place of feeling deeply inspired and reminded that we are living in a truly remarkable time in the world. The winds are turning, we are witnessing the rise of women in business/leadership in the most conscious and awakened state then ever before.

Equality may never be fully achieved, but today right now, in this minute, we are taking giant steps forward. Harassment, maternity/parental leave, the gender pay gap. All of these topics are now being brought radically to light across the business world. 

The impact that these women are already having on their communities will with no doubt be instrumental in areas that have caused major trauma to the First Nations:
- Child welfare
- Family violence
- Missing and murdered indigenous women
- Girls portfolios

These areas, so impactful, have not been giving the priority in the past when the (male) chiefs would gather "Finally, when there was more of us women chiefs we spoke to the assembly and we wanted our issues up on the first day."

The rise of Female presence in leadership of our indigenous communities is a reminder of the power that a small thoughtfully chosen group of people can indeed change the world.

I have included the article below for you to read, and it begs the question:

What are the issues in today's workforce that are not being represented or prioritized by the executive team and board - you should be asking this question in particularly if your workforce is dominated by one gender. 

Forward by Tess Sloane, Talent Lab

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