Pay Attention to Your Career! Why You Should be Strategizing Your Next Move.




Why do we spend so much time planning our lunches for the week while we spend little to no time thinking about the actual job we are going to everyday?! At Talent Lab we are firm believers in driving your own career. You want a raise, a new title or a wider scope of work? Perhaps its time to consider a new company to challenge you or maybe you’ve been thinking about going out on your own? Whatever the case may be for yourself its important to be checking in on the status of your career path and put some time into formulating a strategy on what’s next. We plan out our workouts, why wouldn’t we plan out our career?!

Kevin Granville, Editor at the New York Times writes a detailed article that is a must read if you want to take the drivers seat with your own path. He clearly outlines actionable steps you can start TODAY to take control, no matter what stage or situation you are at in you career.

If you’ve been thinking about making a change don’t miss out, the bottom line as Kevin Granville so insightfully stated “PAY ATTENTION to your career.”

Forward by Alisha Adams, Talent Lab