If someone doesn’t understand Privilege, show them this video



" special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people"

If you watch one video on this labour day holiday or read one article, let it be this one.

As I further my research and understanding within the realm of Diversity and Inclusion this video really hits home. It provides a simply and powerful visual & analogy of the 'start line'. It shows the reality of the disadvantages / advantages that we begin life with. For me, it highlights the divide we don't really speak about or accept. I think about the immense inner strength it must take to participate in this race called life for those who begin with a distinct disadvantage, knowing from the beginning that the odds are stacked against you and having to race anyway.

I shared this video a few days ago with my team at Earls Restaurants, I love the perspective my leader, Joe Granato makes "The "starting line" is a powerful metaphor. While the video primarily focuses on skin colour, I see it in a much wider perspective. The simple fact of skin, gender, first-language, body-type, sexuality, religion, education, economic background etc, brings its own arbitrary barriers (or advantages) that impact a person's experience, ability to achieve, get what they want. One thing that is missing for me in this video is is how "difference," in the visible (race, gender, age/generation) and not always visible (religion, education, thoughts, sexual orientation)  of a group creates stronger results due to diversity of thought and life-experience". 

With that, I invite you to watch, consider, share your thoughts and deepen your awareness.

Written by: Tess Sloane, Talant Lab

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