4 Things To Stop Putting On Your Resume



When it comes to resumes, are they important or are they not? Sure they are important, but they are not the be all and end all. Some times they are your first impression and the only chance you have at getting in to round 2 especially if the process is automated. 

I resonated with how this Forbes article summed it up: 'I like to think of resumes as being like the first inning of a baseball game. You cannot win a game in the first inning, but you sure can lose one. Likewise, you cannot “win” a job with your resume, but you can definitely put yourself out of the running'

Here are the 4 things to Stop Putting on Your Resume - click below for the full article on Forbes.

1. Cute things or unnecessary design - this is not the time to be cute. 
2. Your objective - in short, no one cares
3. The Wrong Photo - I would steer clear of photos altogether, but some people like seeing them, so if you choose to, its not the time for a sexy selfie or party shot. C'mon!
4. Bad Links - links are good, as long as they work

Forward by, Tess Sloane, Talent Lab

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