3 must read tips if you are a young BOSS.


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The RISE of the young boss. 4 out of 10 people in the US & Canada report leading teams with colleagues significantly younger than them. There are now a record number of Founders in their mid twenties hiring experts with experience alone that nearly doubles their age. So what does all this mean? Not much, but here are 3 areas to keep in mind if you are that brilliant young(er) boss so you can inspire the people who sign up for your cause. 

1. BUILD TRUST - Do what you say. Simply put, trust is built by a small collection of choices we make every day (love you Brene Brown). What you say matters, how you follow through matters even more. Every choice you make contributes to the trust you are either building or diminishing with your team. 

2. RESULTS - chances are you are in the position you are in (whether you are a manager or a founder) because of your exceptional results in your field. Remember there is a difference between exceptional results and life experience. No matter how good you are, you are there to learn from the people that report to you as much as they are there to learn from you. "When you're a young founder, there are challenges that you'll experience for the first time which means that you have to be able to recognize when you need help. You'll need to be excited by the idea of working with people who are older and more experienced than you."

3. HUMILITY - "If you're addressing someone ten years your senior in a situation in which you have to assert your position as a boss, it can be incredibly intimidating, especially if they're also a strong personality. You may be thinking the tip here should be 'Be Assertive' however, it is my thinking that the quality of humility will take you much further. People love working for people they respect and want to be around. My rule of thumb from my early recruiting days with lululemon athlectica was simply 'Would I want to be stuck in an airport with this person for 8 hours?' If the answer was no, do not hire. Humilty is one of those beautiful traits that may take a lifetime to develop, why not start now?

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Forward by Tess Sloane, Talent Lab



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