Talent Lab TREND WATCHER - Unconscious Bullying In Leadership


So what is Unconscious Bullying?

‘As with all things that are deemed unconscious, unconscious bullying is the circumstance where the individual does not have the self-awareness that their behaviour is unacceptable, and because of this, it is not deemed a deliberate act’.

At Talent Lab we are committed to following and research the top People / HR / Leadership Trends around the Globe. This one (unconscious bullying in Leadership) is gaining momentum and we want you to have the facts and know how to spot it so you can put a stop it by having the right conversation in the moment.

This article by Undercover Recruiter shares how ‘It is a unique experience to be in when you identify the concept of unconscious bullying in leadership. For many business professionals, this behaviour is put down to differences in opinion or personality clashes. The reality, however, is a far greater concern, and something that needs to be addressed across all stages of the talent lifecycle’.

So the big question being: How do you make individuals aware of their unconscious bullying? Click the link below to read the 4 step approach to tackling this issue that lives in too many organizations. A lot of times these individuals operating this way have the persona or stigma of being ‘Untouchable’. Guess what, in today’s climate - nobody is untouchable, and 2018 was the year were we really saw that on a large global scale. Businesses are making examples of people and holding the line in a incredible new way - why? Because their customers (and humanity) demand it.

Here’s to a new beginning and a future were people are truly held accountable to their behaviour and the impact of the behaviour.

Forward by: Tess Sloane, Talent Lab