Organizational Purpose Should be Your Number One Initiative, Here's Why!



Have you been working on improving your company culture but still notice that your team is not as engaged or committed to your company as you would like them to be? Does it feel like your team does their 9-5 without too much thought on how to improve, streamline or innovate their work? Its not uncommon to hear this complaint from a manager or business owner who has gone the extra mile to invest in the company culture and we've got some news for you.

Harvard Business Review suggests that the power of higher organizational purpose actually gives employees a sense of meaning and thus more engagement, collaboration and increased performance. Sounds good right? So how do you identify a "higher organizational purpose" without it sounding...well fluffy?!

It must be authentic. Your purpose needs to be tied to your business interests and ultimately be used as something that helps guide and filter decisions you make for the business.

HBR outlines an 8 step process in how to authentically define and roll out your company purpose - this is a MUST read for any leader, specifically those looking to increase engagement across the business and improve performance (among many other benefits)! 

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab