Why Employee Engagement is Your Biggest People Challenge



Highly engaged employees have the most potential to develop and grow within an organization, so why is it so challenging to create an environment where employees are actually invested in your business?

Samin Saadat over at People Talk digs into the research behind employee engagement and sheds some light on the topic!

The top 3 road blocks:

  1. The effect of individual personality on engagement - Consider that not only do you need to shape the company culture and conditions but you need to have the right people there in the first place! Think about identifying certain personality traits during the interview process that are conducive to being engaged at work.

  2. Motivating factors are intrinsically individual - While we often build programs that will blanket all staff it’s important to remember that leaving room for customization or acknowledging that individuals in your company will have different motivators is going to get you further ahead.

  3. There is a gap in training programs - You may have fully flushed out training programs at your fingertips but if you do not have an increase in your employee development then are the training programs really effective? Keep an objective eye on this.

So what now? Given these findings Saadat suggests we pause and re-think engagement. Why is it solely HR’s responsibility? There are many touch points to the employee lifecycle which allows us many opportunities to positively impact engagement. Here are a few key places you can make an impact today

  1. Personality tests in the recruitment process

  2. Taking the pulse of people regularly (direct managers, internal mentors, people team)

  3. Emphasizing psychological skills in training programs. 

Check out Saadat’s full article below.

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab

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