The Psychology of Color: How What You Wear Can Affect Your Work Performance



“Chances are that if you look into your closet, your wardrobe follows a color scheme. Whether it’s intentional or not, most people tend to gravitate toward certain colors when shopping. Some may like the simplicity of a wardrobe filled with basic black, while others prefer shades that complement their skin tone or eyes.”

But did you ever think how the colors you wear are perceived by others?
This article by: Allie Lochiatto captures 5 areas and color schemes of how to achieve the look AND she shares “When you get dressed each morning, don’t just look at the weather forecast—review your calendar and take note of any business meetings, stressful to-do’s or client luncheons scheduled for the day. Using these color psychology tips, reach for pieces that will compliment your workday and set you up for success.”

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