Hotboxing with HR. How Will You Be Communicating The Legalization of Cannabis?



Last week, Canada got the official GREEN light (see what I did there?!) for the legalization of Cannabis. October 17, 2018 marks the date.

If you missed our earlier post a few months back on: 5 Questions You Need to Bring to the Boardroom Table About the Legalization of Weed, now is a great time to check it out and make sure you are prepared. 

Attitudes around Cannabis use have been dramatically changing. The US has really taken the lead with regulating the substance. With the upcoming legalization in Canada, workplaces will have to consider and articulate clearly how the plan to manage and set guidelines about their expectations and potential disciplinary action on this matter. 

For our Canadian HR friends be sure to:

  • Update you employee handbook to include cannabis - this should be communicated in the same way you are talking about other drugs and alcohol.
  •  How are you planning to take disciplinary action if you suspect an employee is under the influence? What will you do to verify your suspicion? Is testing something that aligns with how your company runs?
  • Canadian employers have a duty to accommodate any disability an employee discloses. How will you proceed should an employee have a health condition that depends on cannabis? Outline some scenarios and walk through with your executive team so everyone is aware. Especially if your employees under the influence could pose safety risks to themselves or your clients/customers. 
  • Have a communication and training plan for all leaders and employees. An open discussion here and clear guidelines will ensure a smooth and easy transition. 


By: Tess Sloane, Talent Lab

TechnicalTalent Lab