It's Time To Start Telling Our Friends How Much Money We Make



This one is such an interesting topic and one that is gaining a ton of momentum so I wanted to bring it to the forefront.
I have friends on either side of this camp and I’d say right now I sit somewhere in the middle. This article was recently shared on Facebook and the reactions were polarizing - some camps feel this is a disastrous idea and a surefire way to lose friends - others feel this is the future and the only way to level the playing field.
Historically, most of us were raised to not talk money, particularly for women it can be viewed as less than polite and somewhat aggressive if one were to share their income or ask you about yours.

This article from Forbes frames perfectly why it may be the time to start questioning the social norm of not talking salaries - “Knowing what other people in your field get paid is vital to stop the gender wage gap. And negotiating is more likely to become second nature during the job offer process if we talk about our earnings with others.”

This article outlines two ways to help you get started and ultimately become more financially savvy and support in the levelling of wages between genders. Important stuff I’d say and it will help you decide for yourself.

Forward by: Tess Sloane, Talent Lab