4 Recruiting Lessons From How the Warriors Signed All-Star Kevin Durant—and Won Two More NBA Titles



There is something that fascinates me when it comes to world class sporting teams and the parallels we can draw to the business world - in particular, our talent strategy and the training and development of our people can hugely benefit from looking at how athletes are recruited, coached and developed.

If you didn't catch this post on LI last week, here it is. 
'Golden State’s success over the last two years can be attributed to many things: a heated, sell-out crowd at every game; superior coaching; enviable team chemistry; etc. But no single thing looms as large as the successful recruiting of Durant'.

Here are the 4 Recruiting Lessons - check the full post by clicking below.
1. No one sells your culture as well as your employees (or players) 
2. People want to be part of something great, so don't forget to share your BHAG vision when recruiting talent.
3. Perks and swagger are nice, but they aren't what matters most
4. Make sure to stay in touch and use your follow up to address key concerns

Ask Yourself:
- How are you leveraging your current employee base to draw in the best talent?
- When you are actively recruiting, are you telling the full story? Are you sharing the companies 5-10 year vision? Are you enrolling candidates into your mission, and giving them the opportunity to connect to your purpose statement?
- Address all concerns, ideally before they come up, create the space for open transparent communication - have the tough conversations up front.

Forward by, Tess Sloane, Talent Lab


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