Leading a Tough Conversation? Don't do THIS...



Its rare you'll meet a leader that actually truly feels comfortable having those tough, direct conversations with someone on their team that is underperforming. More often then not you'll be thinking about how the conversation is going to impact YOUR management status. Were you too forceful or not stern enough? Did you get your point across and still allow space for this to be a teachable moment? Or did you rush through the conversation to make your point and move on? 

Leaders can put a lot of pressure on themselves and to be fair, your teams development is rather important. John Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of Influence and Co. outlines how to step into these conversations confidently and still inspire.

John's number one piece of advice: LOSE THE SCRIPT. Stop over preparing, you know what you want to say, let the conversation be AUTHENTIC. Trying to memorize a script is distracting and robotic. Everybody responds differently to feedback and you want to be able to adjust your conversation as needed in the moment.

To find out the additional benefits of an authentic feedback conversation check out John Hall's full blog below!

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab