Artificial Intelligence VS Human Resources



In a world where AI is becoming the norm, showing up more and more in our day to day life (did anyone have their Alexa creepily laughing at them at random?! WTF.) where does that leave an entire profession of HUMAN resources centred around the value and development of our employees?

This his been a hot topic around the table at Talent Lab and we firmly believe that during this transitional time it is our human work force that is our most valuable asset. Yes it will mean a shift in skill set and our day to day behaviours and who better to support and facilitate that then your HR/Development team. 

This week Forbes shows us how AI will actually start to enhance the training and coaching of our teams as well as how it will support the growth of Independent Contractors for organizations (another trend we see picking up speed). Read more below and tell us how you see AI impacting your life, job and organization.

Forward by Alisha Adams, Talent Lab