How To Stay Focused on Your Dreams in 2019 - 3 THINGS



We came across this article from Katrina Love Senn and it sent shivers down our spines, so we knew we had to share it with the TL Community.

At the beginning of the year we are filled with visions of all the great stuff we will achieve, we are overflowed with possibility, we have that ‘clean slate’ feeling.
What I loved about this article is how the author shares 3 ideas that unless they shift, you will likely see the same repeat behaviours you have in the past.

Check out the full post by clicking the link below or an in depth look into the three areas:

  1. Pay attention to your self-talk

  2. Go outside your comfort zone

  3. Practice the art of delayed gratification

There is such power at looking at our limiting thoughts and patterns with raw honestly, it is (in my opinion) the secret ingredient to making lasting change and achieving all your wildest dreams.

Love & light, Tess Sloane, Talent Lab