6, 3, 1 - The Most Important Numbers You Need to Know as a Recruiter



How many candidates do you typically present to your hiring manager before they make a hire? I know what you're thinking "every req is different!" While this may be true have you actually ever crunched the numbers? Kris Dunn, Creator of tell it like it is HR blog, The HR Capitalist did the number crunching for us. Here's what you need to know: 6, 3, 1

6: Number of candidates presented

3: Number of candidates hiring manager meets with

1: Number of candidates hired

Taking the average of over 50 positions annually there may be something to this data. While your metrics may be wildly different what if you tried this on? Go into your next open position with a goal of presenting 6 qualified candidates and see how the funnel of recruitment works out. What if there is a secret "formula" to recruitment and we've just cracked the code?! Its worth a shot.

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab

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