The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of HR - how to spot if you are in the new model VS the old


We have heard it time and time again - it's time to get rid of the old version HR, (which is  terrifyingly enough) still operating in many organizations. But how do you know if your HR team is the old, non progressive, traditional version? Oh.... you'll know! But if you don't, look out for these tell tale signs:

The old HR:

1. The HR Leader is usually named Linda or Pam.
2. They use phrases like 'this calls for a HR Intervention' or 'would you call that shirt business casual John?'
3. You have overheard them say something about having 'a seat at the table' more than once.
4. They have on more than one occasion tried to ban alcohol from a work event. 
5. They manage employee files (usually paper) and love administration of all kinds.
6. They enjoy a good potluck. 

Here's what the new version of HR is up to......

1. They refer to their department as the People team, People & Culture or the Talent + Development team.
2. They understand the complexities of the business they support inside and out. They are educated and informed about what is going on in their industry. 
3. They are a strategic partner that knows how to influence and create relevant impacts. 
4. They are an advocate for the people and are not there to simply execute the CEO's every wish. They are not afraid to stand for what is right and push back.
5. They create the conditions for people to thrive. They have hard conversations.
6. They focus on Leadership Development at all levels of an organization. 
7. They leverage data and analytics to tell a compelling story about the human side of running a business. They come with options and recommendations. 
8. They are curious, constant learners, committed to their own continual development and transformation. 
9. They create the space for people to bring their whole selves to work, They meet people exactly where they are and are able to extend empathy and compassion.
10. They enjoy a glass of wine (usually a crisp chardonnay or sauvingon blanc) and use the f word occasionally. 

Cheers to the new HR! It is not lost on me for a second how fortunate I am to work in this transformative time in HR & business. 

Forward by: Tess Sloane, Talent Lab


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