Is it Possible to Gain More Time in Your Day?



Time is precious. Never have these words resonated with me more then heading back to work with a baby, a home and a blog. My days are FULL and it isn't a bad thing but time seems to be on fast forward and it often feels like one day can bleed into the next. That’s why this article by Laura Vanderkam really spoke to me. Is it really possible to slow time down and make more memories by simply asking your self one question everyday?

Here’s the question “Why is today different from other days?”

Simple right? And the good news, adding some variety or interest in your day doesn't mean you have to go on a trip or attend a dinner party, it can be as easy as an after dinner walk. 

Laura explains the psychology behind the practice in the full article below and also authored an interesting book herself that I will definitely add to my list “Off The Clock, Feeling Less Busy While Getting More Done”

While it doesn't appear that I am going to gain any hours any time soon changing the perception of my time is the next best thing. 

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab