The Top 3 Selling Points Recruiters Always Miss



We love this article by Scott Wardel. He hits the nail on the head with this line:
Today’s job seekers are strongly motivated by autonomy, mastery, and purpose, and recruiters who make these ideas tangible to top candidates stand to win’.
What a perfect statement to capture what it is like to be a job seeker in today’s world. These three areas he has pin pointed ring true for 99% of the interactions I have with candidates and most importantly, they ring true for myself. For what I expect AND accept when it comes to looking for a company to join or create.

The author goes in to more detail in the full article, so be sure to click below. For a sneak peek he outlines 3 areas Recruiters fail to sell properly, those being:

  1. The Position

  2. The Company

  3. Career Growth

You may think you are doing this right, but you may want to emerge yourself in this point of view for a fresh take on these pivotal areas of a successful recruiting experience.

Forward by: Tess Sloane, Talent Lab

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