4 Rookie Mistakes You Should be Avoiding as a Talent Acquisition Professional




Do you ever spend time reflecting back on your career thinking about how far you've come and what you've learned? If you were to have a conversation with your younger self and give some sound advice as you kick off your career what would it be? William Vanderbloemen, Contributing Writer at Forbes gave us some insight into his learnings as a Recruiter in his early days and his insights will make you think!  Sage advice for Recruiters at any stage in their career. 

Here are are 4 things William learned NOT to do when interviewing:

1. Forget to ask if the candidate has discussed the job with his or her partner or spouse - Some candidates keep their cards close to their chest, like very close. Not wanting to disappoint or worry a spouse can prevent candidates from sharing this important life decision! Make sure you ask "What does your spouse think about this opportunity" to your question bank.

2. Talk about candidates on a plane - No explanation needed. You never know who is around you and how they are connected to the topic of conversation. Keep it professional and save those confidential conversations for a private space.

3. Always hire the most talented person - While skill set is obviously extremely important just remember this, culture trumps competency ALWAYS. You can teach skills you cannot teach culture and fit.

4. Assume that because someone was in a high growth organization they can be a catalyst for growth - Working in a high growth company can give candidates an incredible skill set but don't assume they can get a much smaller company to the same place. Consider they joined the team while it was already on its growth trajectory or perhaps their skills are just better suited for a large scale operation and less so for a smaller one. 

Food for thought for all those Talent Acquisition professionals out there perfecting their craft. 

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab