Your Social Media Guide for Effective Recruiting



We know that social media is here to stay, so how do we best utilize it to find top talent in the market place beyond updating your status to "We're hiring!"

According to SHRM 84% of companies are using social media to seek candidates while 79% of job seekers use it as part of their job search. With these staggering numbers we should be investing some serious time and capital into this space. 

Greenhouse Blog outlines 5 steps you can take to elevate your recruiting game and how to efficiently use this tool that effectively opens us up to a candidate pool of millions!

1.  Attract - Think beyond sharing your job posting, how can you really share what its like to work for your company and specifically in the role you are highlighting. Show fun workplace pics, share hiring manager profiles and highlight those in the business in a similar role. Attract through engaging content.

2. Source - We know that every click we make on our laptops and phones is stores somewhere in the depth of the internet. We also know companies use this data to target marketing towards us, and guess can do the same for candidates! Use Geometric postings to narrow your demographic and location for a targeted search. 

3. Engage - Did someone comment on the Recruitment Video you posted on your company's LinkedIn page? Like it back! Show some interest in your followers engagement to build relationships with those interested and following your company.

4. Screen - Did you know there is an app that can help you screen candidates and their social engagement? Check out Twitonomy

5. Onboard - Your work is not over when your candidate has signed on the dotted line. Think outside the box when onboarding your new hire to surprise and delight. You know that handwritten welcome card will probably make an appearance on your new employee's social media. Its a great way to start reaching their networks for referrals.

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab