HRTrend Watcher: Who Wins From a 4 Day Work Week? A New Zealand Company Shares Their Results


4 day work week.jpg

“A company in New Zealand has just trialed a 4-day week and now the boss at Perpetual Guardian wants to make it permanent. Earlier this year the trustee company carried out conducted what was essentially a corporate experiment in allowing the company’s 240-person staff to retain full pay as well as a three-day weekend but allowing them to work just four full days a week.”

“The trial was also observed by academic researchers Jarrod Haar, a professor of human resource management at AUT, and Dr. Helen Delaney, a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland Business School.”

Click READ below to see the results from the trial as captured by Undercover Recruiter (spoiler alert: Employee Engagement went through the roof!)

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