The Top 5 Sites To Build Your Remote Workforce



Fact: The remote work force is GROWING. Not only that but those skeptics that think showing face in the office equals a productive employee are even starting to take notice. A recent Harvard Business Review study found that remote employees are even more productive then their in-office counter part. And in this candidate driven market having the option of considering talent in different markets is key to scaling your business.

So where exactly do you find this remote talent? Its challenging enough to find local talent, so how do you expand your networks into cities you’ve never been to and connect with talent that is open to working from home full time? We’ve got you covered, Syed Balkhi, guest writer for rounds up the top 5 sites you should be sourcing from, here they are:

  1. - 30 day job postings, discount for multiple listings and a guarantee on your results

  2. Remoteworkhub - Site reviews all job postings to ensure they are valid, quality listings, postings are free with a wide reach of candidates

  3. Flexjobs - For those non-traditional and flexible opportunities

  4. LinkedIn Job Board - Candidates can now search “world wide” instead of selecting a city and EasyApply allows for a quick application process

  5. - Not only will the site help you find the right candidate they are a resource for those looking to work remotely and for those building a remote team

So expand those search options on your next sourcing session and open up your talent pool…globally!

Forward by Alisha Adams, Co-Founder of Talent Lab