Forget meaningless networking & focus on making your inner circle successful



I stumbled across this article during some weekend reading and this one line leapt out at me: 'Forget about racking up thousands of "friends" on social media and focus on making your inner circle successful'.


How many of us are in the meaningless pursuit of hash-tagging our business (or sometimes even personal) posts, searching out more followers, gaining some, loosing some, hustling ....and for what?
Here's the thing; for a lot of entrepreneurs 'It’s not about trying to get famous or spending a corporate-sized marketing budget. It’s about patiently building genuine relationships over time— now this is something that speaks to my core.
This is how businesses with soul and longevity are created. 
So what if the game changed? What if you shifted to focusing on just your inner circle, and creating a network of super connecters that championed and genuinely supported each other?

How about growing your business through meaningful relationships as opposed to hustling for your worth from strangers that will hop on to the next new shiny thing that comes along? for thought ~

Forward by Tess Sloane, Talent Lab

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