How Are You TRULY Investing in Yourself, The Pod Cast We Can't Get Enough Of


Its no secret we are major fans of Rock Your Bliss, a Colorado based coaching business focused on self development practices and tools. As an avid Instagram follower of this transformational women led business I recently discovered their pod cast - what a FIND! Founders Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue are incredibly relatable and don’t hold back from vulnerable conversations, sharing their own insights, lessons and journeys that are just, well - REAL.

Its fair to say I am late to the game on this podcast (as they are currently recording season SIX!) however it leaves me tons of episodes to catch up on here. My first episode that got me hooked and what I was so excited to share was Season 5, Episode 36 called “Bliss Quickie - Investing in yourself”. At a quick 15 mins this episode got me thinking about 2019 and really how was I investing in myself, especially as a entrepreneur that doesn’t have a direct manager to work with around coaching and development, or even get feedback from. As someone who relies heavily on facts, data and a logical mindset I truly appreciate Mary Beth’s self proclaimed skepticism and also her ability to trust and step into something new.

While this episode originally aired back in December, its safe to say that most of our New Years resolutions have probably taken a back seat (okay I’ll speak for myself, MY resolutions have taken a back seat) - if this sounds familiar I would highly recommend taking 15 minutes of your day and reinvesting back in YOURSELF.

Alisha Adams

Co-Founder, Talent Lab

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