The future of work - what AI cannot replace.


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"It seems beyond debate: Technology is going to replace jobs, or, more precisely, the people holding those jobs. Few industries, if any, will be untouched".

In this thought provoking article by Harvard Business Review, writer Joseph Pistrui makes a compelling argument for the rise of AI being sooner than we think and touching more industries than we imagine (robotic bricklayers!). 

What do we need to be aware of right now and what can robotics and technology not yet replicate?

1. Creativity
2. Imagination
3. Strategy

I would throw in Emotional Intelligence for good measure. 

With this in mind, how do we continue working towards the future with the awareness of what is coming and keep the mindfulness around what can not be replaced?

How are you ensuring that you develop yourself and your teams in these above areas?

Forward by Tess Sloane, Talent Lab