How to Disagree With Someone More Powerful Than You



A timely article by Harvard Business Review on How To Disagree with Someone More Powerful Than You. This is an area HR Advisors are regularly consulted around and it often looks and sounds like this:

‘I need to speak to my VP and I am scared he/she will bulldoze me’
’My boss NEVER listens to me, I don’t bother speaking up because he/she has already decided what their opinion is’
’I don’t know how to approach my Leader with this, I’m scared of being fired’

A lot of the coaching work I do is around these areas and empowering individuals to have clear, concise conversations with the people they report to and work with.
A big learning in this work is how to get your point across AND not be overwhelmingly attached to a certain outcome. I had this breakthrough early in my career and it was a game changer.

Click below for the full article and great tangible steps on how to approach that tough conversation with someone you deem more ‘powerful’ than yourself.

Forward by: Tess Sloane, Talent Lab

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