Don't Hire Boring People - Sound Advice from One of Our Faves



This article was written by our local fave Chip Wilson. I was fortunate enough to work at lululemon for a 5 year period when the company experienced significant and tremendous growth. Going from 2 countries to 19, from a head office of 200 to 1000, setting up distribution centres in Europe and Asia and hiring people in these markets that had not only never heard of the brand but had never entertained the idea that work could be fun and completely align with who you are and how you live your life. Needless to say, it was a time of major transformation for me as I unlearnt everything the corporate world had taught me prior to lululemon and re learnt a new way to do business, which included fun, empathy and a whole lot of love. 

I opened this article by Chip yesterday evening and was struck by this line as he talks about interviewing:

"My approach has always been to kick off the conversation by asking the applicant what it is they do in their spare time: “tell me, what do you like to do?” This is how you find out whether they are living in choice and what choices they’re making. 

What a powerful concept to be interviewing for - ARE THEY LIVING IN CHOICE? Brilliant. I sure as hell want to be hiring those people.

Read his full article and wisdom by clicking below.

Forward by: Tess Sloane

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