Purpose Led Businesses: HIKU, iconic, engaging cannabis brands



At Talent Lab our Purpose is:
Awakening your whole self: purpose, passion and career. 
This is something we are obsessively committed to. Every single day. In all moments. It is how we make decisions around our business, what type of work we engage in and what we share on our platforms. 
With that in mind, we are going to begin uncovering companies around the globe that are operating with soul and leading with purpose. We will be giving you a behind the scenes intimate chat with their senior leaders.

Today, we are highlighting Canadian brand: Hiku.

A moment with Lacey Norton, VP Retail, Hiku

Tell us what Hiku's purpose is and what drew you to it?
Hiku is seeking to bring together best in cannabis from a product, retail and experience standpoint.  We serve to showcase the beauty of the industry and the plant, allowing people to unlock cannabis' vast potential to better their lives.
The opportunity to participate in establishing a purpose driven brand in an industry that is not yet defined, coupled with Hiku's progressive and community oriented nature is what drew me to the business.

How does it align with your vision for your life?
I want to contribute in moving our society forward by pushing boundaries and encouraging new ways of thinking that allow for people to see the world with new and fresh perspectives. I believe that the core essence of the work we are doing at Hiku very much aligns with this vision.

What is the most exciting thing on the horizon for Hiku?
With legalization around the corner, Hiku is participating in laying the foundation for an emerging industry that has depth much greater than most have yet to realize.  

What is one piece of career advice you would tell your younger self?
Always take the opportunity to learn and forge your own path.


We believe in connecting purposeful people with companies doing purposeful work. Hiku is currently in rapid expansion mode, this is an opportune time to get into an industry in it's infancy with the best in class. Learn more about Hiku on their website below or email us at talentlabyvr@gmail.com to connect directly to the leadership team at Hiku on their open roles. 

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