On Doing What You Love

**I found this old blog post from 2016 buried deep in the Talent Lab archives and decided to re-post it this week for a few reasons: 1. So much of it still rings true, is relevant and a timely reminder for us in the recruiting and people biz to keep top of mind .2. It reminds us that our landscape of work is ever changing and we need to move with it in order to get the best talent, 3. Lastly, I really liked how I described myself at the end there, so much in my life has changed since writing this, but a lot has remained the same. It made me smile none the less. Growth can be (and is) painful but also so very deeply expansive. I’m happy to say, I still love a good dollar store.
Always, Tess Sloane


As a recruiter doing what you love is kinda mandatory. I couldn’t imagine interviewing someone and being able to unleash their unique passions, offerings and qualifications without being clear on my own. Which got me thinking — what exactly is it that I love about what I do? When do I feel most alive, inspired & powerful? When am I truly in my strengths and why do I get up and choose this job, this life every day? I want to tell you it’s the impact I have on a multi billion dollar business by bringing it top talent, I want to tell you it’s because my team closed 400+ roles this year, I want to tell you that when I am sourcing I get in the zone and nothing and no one can escape me….

All of the above makes me happy, but here’s what gets me up everyday:

Our work culture is evolving and people are no longer resources. They are heartbeats and lively pulses, they are snowboarders and musicians and beer league hockey players. They are online shoppers & winers and diners. They are north shore mountain bike riders and exhausted parents. They are travelers, tinder hopefuls, bloggers and SO much more than “POSITION TITLE”. We are not our jobs, they no longer fully define us. We are humans with potential and a voice and endless possibilities. Our jobs are ONE part of our incredible, whole, complete, beautiful, magnificent lives.

So my talent tip today is: get to know your candidates — all about them, especially the stuff that’s not on their resume or linked in profile. Share with them more about you and your company (the real stuff) and create the space for them to bring their whole, complete selves to work. Then watch them elevate your business, grow/innovate your product + guest experience. Reward them with performance based bonuses that THEY care about.

And always, do what you love.

Tess Sloane; wifey, mama, recruiter for lululemon, dollar store enthusiast, girlfriend, student, sister, creator of the future, believer of dreams.

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